Motion Design Reel

Selection of work for clients including MTV, The New York Times, Nylon, Louis Vuitton and Global Citizen.

New York Times

Selection of work for The New

York Times' Snapchat channel.

Global Citizen

Selection of work for Global Citizen's Snapchat channel.

Google Streetview Selfie

Feature about the (bending) tether between space and reality, using Google Streetview as a Case Study.

In Dialogue: Digital Divine

A conversation is held between an online question generator and an online ouiji board. Their dialogue is both poetic and strange, and reveals the bias of their algorithmic creators.

Cautionary Tales

Satirical publication about digital interfaces we exist within.


A selection of images I art directed and shot from various projects.


Selection of GIFs from various projects

Places to Be Alone

Illustrations accompanying Need Supply blog article

"Guide to Doing Nothing" about places to be alone in NYC.

Perception Misconception

Installation exploring the limits of optical

perception and the limits of the digital image.